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The Next Steps

Mt Benson: Lat: 49.149826N Lon: -124.050892W Elv: 1018m

Once you're connected into AREDN over the internet, the next step is to add an RF link. For that, a second device can be placed outside and connected back to the hAP via CAT5e. For this, you can use:

Note that: Only equipment listed on the support matrix and the device selection spreadsheet will work with the AREDN firmware. See here for more details.


From the main Main Project Page: This section needs more info.

NPR (New Packet Radio) is a custom radio protocol, designed to transport bidirectional IP trafic over 430MHz radio links (ham radio frequencies 420-450MHz). This protocol is optimized for “point to multipoint” topology, with the help of managed-TDMA. Bitrate is 50 to 500kbps (net, effective bitrate), depending on the RF bandwidth chosen.

This is interesting because NPR could be used to link to AREDN and provide slower links to areas where microwave is not an option.

Here are a few more links:

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