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When connected to AREDN, individuals can run different services on individual servers like a Raspberry Pi or a cheap Linux computer. Note that these services are only visible when connected to AREDN and are not accessible to the wider internet. A few examples we have running right now are:

Linux Server A prerequisite to running many other services on a Raspberry Pi or other Linux computer.
Mesh Chat Different instances of this chat service can sync with one-another.
Nextcloud A file sharing and sync'ing service.
VOIP phone network One-to-one or conference calls using extensions
Winlink Gateway Winlink messages over AREDN
FlightAware Tracker Listening to local airplane transponder to track them.
N2MH map Map of AREDN nodes with links between them. Only accessible when connected to AREDN.1)
VA6EDN map An alternate map of AREDN nodes.
Here's a copy of the live map from Nov 5, 2021. The purple lines are Internet tunnel connections and the green lines are 5.8 GHz connections.