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Sector Antenna Sites

VA7ASI (Andrew) A sector antenna, dish, …
VE7DNR (Devan) Sector Nodes at Woodley Range
VE7NA (NARA) Mt. Benson Nanaimo Sector Nodes
VE7NA (NARA) Lost Lake Sector and Benson Link

Individual Setups

VA7FI (Patrick) A hAP router, an LDF-5 on a used Telus dish, a cheap Linux laptop server
VA7UL (Chuck) YVR1 & YVR2 Nodes. Windows-based setup of hAP-ac3 is linked in Getting Started.
VE7JEY (John) Six Youtube Videos on how to setup Nodes
VE7LEE (Ted)
VE7LSE (Devan) A hAP router, two IP phones, a PBX system, a flight tracker and an LHG XL HP5 dish
VE7PTN (Bruce)

Network Topology

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