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This live wiki is hosted on the open internet and edited by hams on the west coast area of BC. Once a day, it is mirrored to a read-only copy hosted on VA7FI's Linux Server accessible only on the West Coast AREDN. This is so that:

  • This live wiki can be accessed by people new to AREDN and stay accessible regardless of what may happen to VA7FI's node, and
  • The read-only copy can be accessed by hams without an internet connection via AREDN.

To Contribute

  • If you'd like to help edit this wiki, please email Patrick, VA7FI
    • Subject line: wcarden account
    • Body: Your name and callsign
  • Once you receive your login and password, click on Update Profile to change your password.
  • Check out the Wiki Syntax How-To for more info.
  • And feel free to test things out on the playground page.

Introductory Session Outline

These are the topics covered during the introductory zoom session on Nov 21, 2021.

Under The Hood

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