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Web App on LinuxMint

Those using LinuxMint can use a neat little trick to “convert” Mesh Chat into a Web App that can be loaded from the start menu or the panel with one or two clicks. Also, the “browser” window doesn't have any of the clutter that regular browsers have:

On the left is a regular Firefox window, on the right is the Web App.

To install and create a Web App:

  • Install the Web Apps manager:
    sudo aptitude install webapp-manager
  • Open “Web Apps” from the start menu and click the + button to add an app.

  • Enter a name (like “Mesh Chat”) and the address of your Mesh Chat instance (like http://va7fi-linux.local.mesh/meshchat), and click OK

  • Click on the start menu and search for “Mesh Chat” (or whatever name you chose to call it).
  • Right click on it and click on “Add to Panel”

Mesh Chat can now be accessed form the start menu or the pannel with one or two clicks.

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