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I started to watch the developments of the Nanaimo HAMs working with AREDN equipment and remembered I had a MikroTik hAP, which I had spent many hours trying to make work as a regular router, with little success. I had seen a video of setting up a hAP with AREDN, showing the exact same 741 hAP, so I decided to give it a try (many, many tries) - every time I saw a new clue, I would try again - no chance, even using old software. Anyway, several of the MIRA (Mid Island) members had bought 752 versions by then, and were also having trouble, so I borrowed one and gave it a go - it went well and worked first time. However, the second time it didn't go well and I noted that the tutorial videos didn't really explain the timing of events very well, so I decided to record a setup. Each attempt raised different issues. So, I ended up with a few recordings, but by that time I had given the hAPs back to their owners. I pieced together a couple of walk-throughs, and you can check them out below.

As I live in the middle of Qualicum Beach, surrounded by buildings and trees, and in a strata complex, I'm not likely to get access to an RF Mesh directly from home, so I bought the cheapest useful looking router (GL AR150) to make a mobile option. I made a video of the flashing of that and of the development of my mobile setup, with R-Pi and the 741 hAP as a switch.

Any feedback on the videos will be appreciated. Thanks …

Setup the GL iNet AR150

Setup the GL iNet AR150 (if you have issues with network IP addresses)

Setup the MikroTik hAP - Get the necessary files

Setup the MikroTik hAP - Flash the Firmware - use the files you downloaded

Connect the MikroTik hAP to the GL AR150 - setup a Mesh

Go Mobile - my TV, R-Pi, hAP 741 and GL AR150, plus a couple of voltage regulators

Thanks for watching!

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