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Wiki Introduction Outline

Public vs AREDN sites

Quick Tour

  • Structure of the site (so far).
  • home page name vs other name.
  • Difference between a “page” and a “namespaces” (look at the Sitemap)
    • Keeps media files organized (look at Media Manager)
  • Recent Changes

Your Turn

  • Login as guest (password will be provided during the session) ← now disabled
  • Navigate to /Setups/YourCallsign/ and play around to get started on your setup page.1)
  • In a few hours / days / weeks, when you feel your setup page is “worthy” of attention, add a link to it on the Setups page.

While you work on your setup page, I'll show you:

Fixing Mistakes

  • Recent Changes

Getting an Account

  • Email me at
  • Subject line: wcarden account
  • Body: Your name and callsign

And I'll reply with a temporary password (your username will be your callsign in lowercase).

  • You should then change your temporary password use the Update Profile link.
Note that while a page is being edited, it is “locked” and can't be edited by anyone else (hence we're all practicing on different pages).
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