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If you’re interested in having your own mesh phone extension on our local PBX, please reach out to our

The following instructions are to connect to our local PBX. However, it's also possible to make direct phone-to-phone connections without a PBX. Instructions are here.

Cisco SPA525G2 Setup

Most of our users have Cisco SPA303 or SPA5xx series devices, however any IP Phone with SIP firmware will function.

IP Address

After connecting the phone into the hAP:

  • Navigate to the Port Forwarding, DHCP, and Services page and note the IP address of your phone.
  • The Hostname will be different and will be setup later in the phone settings.
  • At the end of the setup, we'll come back to this page to add the DHCP reservation (but not yet).
  • Now use your IP address and navigate to


Click on System tab.

  1. Enter an (optional) Admin Password and/or User Web Password. But note that:
    • the Admin password will be required to navigate to with the username admin.
    • And the User Web password will be required to navigate to the other pages with the username user.
  2. Enter your HostName
  3. Enter the following Primary NTP Server:
  4. Don't click Submit All Changes yet.


Click on the Regional tab.

  1. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and ensure the Time settings are correct:


Click on the Phone tab.

  1. Enter the Station Name, Voice Mail Number: *97, and Station Display Name
  2. Enter Line Key 1 information with your callsign and extention number
  3. Line Key 2 to Line Key 5 are quick dial buttons. The Extended Function text is of the form fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=2400@$PROXY where the number (here 2400) is the extension number.

Ext 1

Click on the Ext 1 tab.

  • Under the Proxy and Registration section, enter the following IP address:
  • Under the Subscriber Information section, enter
    • Your Display Name
    • The Password that was assigned to you by Kyle, VE7ODG
    • Your extenssion as the User ID

Att Console

Click on the Att Console tab

  • Change the Server Type to Asterisk
  • If you have an Attendance Console (sidecar) and would like to program the speed dial buttons, follow the example here. Make sure you change the extension number and the name for the contact you want to add. Here's a printout for the SPA500S Sidecar.
  • Here is a copy and paste example of the code: fnc=sd+cp+blf;sub=2202@$PROXY;nme=VE7LSE-2202

Saving Changes

  • It's alost time to save the changes, but first, make sure you remember your admin and user passwords on the System tab. You'll need them to come back to the settings after your phone reboots.
  • Click on Submit All Changes when ready and what for your phone to reboot.

DHCP Reservation

Now that the phone is all setup, go back to your hAP settings and

  • Add its address to the DHCP reservation.

This step ensures that if the hAP reboots and starts giving out IP addresses to your connected devices, it'll keep the same one for your phone. This is important because if your phone gets a different IP address from the hAP, the phone settings won't match anymore.

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